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"A proud veteran and military affairs member since 1982 – Also offering a 10% military discount"

"A member since 1978"

   OSI is a locally owned full service highly rated security company. OSI offers a wide array of services to be responsive to the needs of their clients. Some of the services OSI provides are video surveillance, alarm systems, security guards, fire and alarm monitoring, private investigation, process service, concealed handgun classes and medical alert monitoring.


   The OSI staff, consisting of employees, officers, and managers allow us to respond quickly to your security needs or last minute personnel requirements.


   OSI strives to be recognized as the most professional, ethical, and highest quality security company in the industry.

Trust–Experience–Service–Loyalty. That's OSI

OSI Security installs the most up to date security systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and oil field applications. OSI realizes that each customer has very specific needs when it comes to protection. Burglar alarm system customization is very important when it comes to securing your home, business, commercial, or oil field property and that is an OSI specialty.


With the design team experience and understanding of alarm equipment, OSI offers custom security systems that isolate protection on the most important areas and assets. From doors to windows OSI has you covered with peace of mind. Several burglar alarms that OSI have installed, not only protect the inside of the building, but areas outside as well.

OSI Security systems provide quick response when seconds count.


OSI can provide a cloud based security system that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.


OSI can provide you with a medical alert system that automatically calls for help when you  need it fast. The OSI mission is to help you live 24/7 with independent confidence.


OSI can provide door access control equipment, biometrics, proximity readers, and proximity tag/fob access. All systems are designed and installed with expertise and discipline. OSI makes sure that all customers are well trained to get the most out of their systems.


OSI provides you with short or long term contracts. Please call for a free quote.

OSI security officers are available 24 hours a day to handle protection against theft, vandalism, arson, trespassing, work place violence, employee terminations, office facility security, construction site security, oil field site security, windmill site security, event security, home owner association, housing additions, and much more.


OSI service is for environments with strong safety concerns and regulations. All of OSI officers are in uniform. Pricing is based on the environment and secuirty needs.


The presence of a uniformed security officer provides a substantial deterrent to criminal and inappropriate activity at the location of assignment. OSI security officers enforce safety policies, takes action against safety hazards, protection of persons and property, and takes appropriate action in case of an emergency.

OSI Private Investigators assist individuals, businesses and attorneys by finding and analyzing information. OSI will connect clues to uncover facts about illegal, financial, or personal matters.


OSI Private Investigators offer many services, including   pre-employment verification and individual background profiles. OSI investigates computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, illegal downloading of copyrighted material.


OSI offers assistance in criminal, civil liability cases, insurance claims, fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing person cases, premarital screening, and Fidelity Investigations


OSI offers audio and video electronic sweeping of your personal residence or commercial property.


OSI can assist attorneys with delivery of court documents, process serving, expert witness and parole consultations.


OSI can also be hired to investigate individuals to verify infidelity.

OSI began teaching concealed handgun courses when the State of Texas first began to implement its concealed carry permits. Still today, OSI concealed handgun courses are taught by a certified trained veteran.


The OSI concealed handgun courses are designed for the law abiding citizen who wishes to learn the basics of firearms and protect him or herself from immediate danger.


The OSI concealed handgun course provides  students with firearm training, safety and leaves them with the attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. The course is designed for persons looking to obtain their concealed carry permit.


The OSI concealed carry course is only 4 hours long, plus live fire qualifying. You will need to bring safety glasses, ear protection, a pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition, and your drivers license.


The OSI concealed handgun classes are the 2nd Saturday of each month and only cost $100.00 Please call for details and to register for your class.


OSI also teaches realistic self defense classes for men and women. Call for more details.


Proud Customers


We took bids from three other non-local security companies when we were looking for a security system for our warehouse. Stay local, OSI had more knowledge of the products and trained us well.

Danny H.


After my father passed away, my mom began to live alone. We got her the medical alert button and it has saved her life more than once. Thanks to John and OSI.

Kathy K.


Security for under a dollar a day, who would have thought.

Larry P.


We needed security cameras, a front door keypad. It was all installed professionally. Would use OSI again and again.

Bill D.


We Set the Alarm off at the house just to see the response time. Under 30 seconds. That's awesome response.

Mike S.

The bid was on time. The work was finished early. The system is wonderful. OSI you rock.

Katy N.


Now when we go out of town, I watch the security cameras on my phone. I love that feeling of security.

Jacob R.


We use OSI for our home owners association. They watch everything closely and let you know if something looks wrong. Great work.

Miss Reda


Every time our company has a tent sale, OSI provides on site security. We have never lost a thing.

Charles G.


I like the fact John is a veteran and he's local and his company appreciates your business. Use OSI.

Donnie A.

P.O. Box 5032

Abilene, Texas



Fax# 325-698-2303



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